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      How about we start with the most important thing: the tailor-made ? For those who do not know or confuse tailor-made with ready-to-wear, know that it is far from that. A tailor-made piece is made by a tailor or a couturier according to the morphology and the customer wishes. Very popular in Italy and England, this phenomenon is becoming more and more democratic in France.

      We all know that custom-made products have a cost! This is described by the fact that you have to obtain a part designed only for yourself. Nevertheless, rest assured, there is everything in the market today. You can find custom parts at more affordable prices. By looking at the tailor-made pieces to be adopted by the end of the year, we will focus on the trench coat, casual jacket, coat and/or suit.

      By opting for the trench coat, you will certainly be in the absolute trend! A trench coat, especially when it is tailor-made, becomes the timeless piece of your dressing room. Ideal for the mid-season, it guarantees comfort and waterproofing throughout the Autumn (also to be adopted at the beginning and end of winter, Why not). We fell in love with this men’s trench coat, from Hockerty, an online store that offers quality custom-made clothing at affordable prices.

      The casual jacket will also be your best match! Casual jackets can be adapted to any situation and in any season. By combining this jacket with jeans, suit pants or chic shorts, you will achieve a different style for every occasion you desire. She will accompany you both for work and for informal or special occasions (birthdays, outings with friends… etc).

      Whoever is wearing a jacket, obviously means a coat… The coat, this famous piece that is not necessarily popular with the younger ones who are more fond of the bomber and/or the down jacket. The coat is the centrepiece of the men’s locker room to cope with winter temperatures. A tailor-made coat will immediately make you look good by giving you a beautiful build. Know that today, things have changed and so have coats. We have something for all tastes and sauces. Gentlemen, you will not be disappointed! No matter your age, you will find your favorite piece by making a little effort. For this reason, we recommend this tailor-made man coat which will make your loved ones jealous. We dare without moderation!

      To close our list of pieces to adopt at the end of the year, we decided to hit hard with the suit. It’s not just a simple suit, but the business suit! What could be more elegant than a perfectly fitted and designed suit just for you? It is a timeless piece of any male (or female of course) dressing room that dresses you with a snap of the fingers. Your business suit will allow you to match it with iconic pieces from your closet: the trench coat or coat for a look perfectly adapted to an office environment or during a romantic date to seduce the one that makes your heart beat, or simply during an afterwork (so chic!).

      So, convinced ? The know-how and expertise of tailor-made solutions, especially when they are affordable, can only encourage you to adopt them. There are many reasons: respect for the environment, building a more equitable world (buy less, buy better clothes that will last and fit your body perfectly). Dare to customize now to bring your piece to the building. Let’s go!

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