Rose Kid, the French new talent to follow French artist

      From petals to thorns, Rose Kid seems to evolve out of time.However, it is a young woman well anchored in her time.

      Moved by French chanson, r’n’b and hip-hop, formed by jazz, she delivers sweet and sensual melodies. Listening is like a striptease of the most distinguished: popular rhythms, roomy keyboards, low rounded shapes, timbre of vaporous voice, words full of sensations. Rose listens and is inspired, attentive to the realistic poetry of Raphaële Lannadère, to the melodic sensuality of H.E.R. and the sound textures of MNDSGN. Blanka (La Fine Equipe) is the sound silversmith who guides her by imagining spaces that are conducive to her narration.

      At the heart of fiction where sometimes the real slips, Rose Kid paints female paintings, between love and pain, strength and independence. Tightrope of words, she holds out a thread, like a string that is both sensitive and fierce.

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