Own, The pop-up concept store French Concept Store


      A concept store that combines creativity with technicality. Functional objects, art, fashion accessories and more, made with attention to detail and handmade by a couple of enthusiasts. A Venezuelan and an English combine their respective cultures to inspire creations that they realize themselves in their studio 100% made in Montmartre.

      Mariana, a forever artist and a trained visual artist, is bubbling with ideas and makes it known through an intense productivity of accessories, lamps, decorative objects … always with a support for a contemporary trend. Tom, a technician in the field of entertainment, uses his experience in construction to produce volumes in 3 dimensions that are meant to furnish a space.

      The production workshops are located on site, allowing the duo to carry out all the objects themselves with great care for the smallest detail, both in terms of design and manufacturing.

      They also collaborate with other artists / artisans to propose a selection of unique works, or very limited editions. In the era of digitization and automation, the creators with whom OWN work are demanding manual production techniques in small quantities in order to preserve the exclusivity of the products offered. The coherence of the whole is stitched by a common thread: a current interpretation of the objects that surround us every day.

      Discover Own Here !

      Marine Cheniti

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