Oth and Kal in « Hypocrisie Africaine » French Artists

      Both of African family, the two comedians Othman and Kalvin decided to bring their differences to the scene to play a trick that gnaws the communities of the African continent and found everywhere else: hypocrisy! (A surprise is hidden at the end of the article)

      By playing the fictitious role of their own fathers, a Christian Black for Kalvin and a Muslim Arab for Othman, they make an inventory of the mockery uttered with words covered and transmitted by the two communities (culinary, musical, religious …) one on the other, thus maintaining stubborn prejudices which lock up the spirits, maintain the antagonisms, nourish the blockages … From hypocrisy to intolerance, the border can be sometimes very fragile! … And it’s with funny sketches that African hypocrisy wants to move the lines and the consciences …

      Because Oth and Kal (Othman and Kalvin, Editor’s note) want to deliver a simple message: although each one carries in itself its cultural singularity, certainly they have different origins and religions, but they also have many common points that bring them together and one of which is not the least: they are French ! And even more so since the unfortunate events of November 13th. They want to say loud and clear that to live in harmony, all together, as human brothers, is possible on condition of reflecting on what is said separates us and especially to give more importance to what brings us together: Expressing, revealing hypocrisy , laughing, is one of the processes involved in this common construction to which we must all contribute.

      Moreover, Oth and Kal, scrutinizing the French society in its plurality, do not hesitate to point fingers the same difficulties encountered in other communities (Caribbean, Asian, fierce …) thus widening the framework of this problematic citizen. Everyone will be able to find there! African hypocrisy, a manifesto for tolerance brilliantly portrayed by Othman and Kal and their devastating humor. Since February 2019, they are sold out almost every weekend at the Apollo Theater, in Paris, and above all, they will invest LA CIGALE, in Paris, on June 15th 2019!

      Are you ready for an hour of laughter, without hypocrisy, without filter but also filled with love and tolerance? We offer you 2 tickets to discover this show filled with self-mockery. Click here to participate !

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