Le Collectionneur Lunetier sets up shop in Neuilly-sur-Seine French optician

      Le Collectionneur Lunetier has opened an ultra-specialist optician in the region of Neuilly-sur-Seine: a store whose the universe appears very refined and designer, with exclusively independent and innovative brands.

      Their aspiration? Allying fashion, design and know-how while being healthcare professionals, according to them customers have to fancy visiting an optician and to be satisfied to go there and that this would not be a torment.

      Their philosophy? They often heard that to wear glasses was a punishment. At Le Collectionneur Lunetier, you are assisted in the choice of your rim, your optical lenses, in order to sweep prejudices away.

      Their goal? Make you proud of the object you will wear at the tip of your nose and this thanks to the best European and Asian products that Le Collectionneur Lunetier had the privilege to unearth for you only. From now on you will see opticians differently. Each person is unique, for glasses it’s the same!

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      Léna SOUBEYRAN

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