Yohann Libot French Photographer

      Yohann Libot is a French photographer based in Marseille. Born in the North of France, he fell in love with the Phocaean city during a reportage.

      Becoming a photographer was very natural since he always had an eye for good angles, curves, shapes and a real passion for lights. His work has been published in galleries, in magazines, commercial and his assignment works included city guides, festival, webzines…. He also had published his own book about Marseille called “Massilia Civitas”. A second book about lost places is on its way. Nowadays, Yohann travels all around the world, camera around his neck, to capture its beauty : landscapes, instants of life, people…

      In common in all his photographs ? All of them are in black and white, analogic, perfect in their imperfections, real. Soak up to Yohann Libot works !

      Lire la version française

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