The bewitching duo Zebra Lova French Band

      When we hear Zebra Lova, the young duo from Bordeaux, immediately comes to mind their haunting music accompanied by images. This group formed by the composer and ex bassist of the group Banquise Sebastien Brun and a new voice.

      Zebra Lova is above all an electro pop tinged with catchy beats and catchy melodies with a mixture of 80’s and current sounds. Their second opus released in 2018 had won us all: in collaboration with Dombrance (DBFC) and Ash Workman (Metronomy, Christine and the queens, François and the Atlas Moutain …) !

      For the release of their next EP next March “Burst of Laughter”, they give us the chance to discover a first extract with the sublime clip “Stay Alive”. To discover below as soon as possible !

      Lire la version française

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