Noces By Stephan Streker

      Its director, Stephan Streker, talks about Noces like a Greek tragedy. It is true that the situation is that unfortunate that we can relate easily to this comparison. The movie tells the story of Zahira, 18 years old, a young Belgo-Pakistani, who, despite the love she has for her family, doesn’t accept their exigences. They want to dictate a traditional wedding but she resists. The family can no longer get along or understand each other.

      Despite the tension of the situation, the movies doesn’t take part as for who’s right or not. There is not value judgement. Stephan Streker hold on to keep away any Manichean point of view from the movie, and we get to notice it from the beginning to the end. That doesn’t stop the spectator from understanding social issues that Zahira’s protest involve.

      Lina El Arabi played here her first role, that she assume with pertinence. Impressive and spontaneous, she is accompanied with Sébastien Houbani, that plays his brother. He is torn between the love he has for her sister, and only wants her to be happy, and the fact that family could be tearing apart. The movie hold on to show that ambivalence.

      There is in Noces a narrative strength, where the director stay a bit away from emotion : for exemple, prayers haven’t been translated, that might be because he didn’t wanted to come to close of the character’s intimacy. That could have allowed the spectator to feel more engaged in the family’s culture, that say it live with its time, but that is, in fact, catch up by the importance of the respect of traditions. It undoubtedly the only shadow to the picture because Noces is an intimate and powerful movie.

      Watch the trailer below. Noces will be out the 22th of February.

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      Margot Viel

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