Musonsu, the new Jupiter and Okwess’s video clip Congolese Artists

      To make us wait for their next album planned by March 3rd, Jupiter and Okwess reveal a first clip: Musonsu.

      Discovered in 2006 thanks to « Jupiter Dance » documentary dedicated to the new musical scene of Kinshasa of which it is one of the iconic figures, Jupiter is propelled on the center stage thanks to his international group Okwess. Jupiter makes us discover the wealth of the Congolese rhythms with rock influences and very wise texts.

      The clip includes multiple visual effects mixed with a lively melody and puts us in the universe of Jupiter. And wait until March 3rd, release date of the album Kin Sonic. Jupiter and Okwess will also make discover their music to the french public during a tour very soon!

      Matthieu DONKENG ALIMETA
      Lire la version en français

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