Moving to London: practical tips Advice

      Known for its ever-increasing cost of living, London continues to attract tourists and expatriates from all over the world like a magnet. This famous multicultural and international economic city represents a kind of European Eldorado for people looking for opportunities. Do you think the « London Dream » exists? Answer below!

      If you want to move to the United Kingdom, more precisely to London, you will live with more than 50 nationalities in an energetic city that does not know the word « sleep ». The United Kingdom and culture are one and the same: its many museums, galleries and international events, as well as its famous London City, has established itself as the economic and cultural capital of the country.

      No more presentations, let’s get to the heart of the matter: the move to London. Deciding which country you want to spend your life in is not easy. But nowadays, with the Internet, it’s easier to make up your mind and make a move. Our practical tips will allow you to make your decision and make your move in the English way!

      La vie à Londres

      To live in this beautiful city, you have to know that the cost of living is expensive. But you should know that in the meantime, the book has lost some of its value. If you use public transport, you have to get organized because it is very expensive! Having a ticket is compulsory everywhere and a fine is never pleasant. Moving to London also means renting for those who don’t have the budget to rent a one room flat for around £1600 in the city centre. On the outskirts the rates are cheaper but still high: around £1100.

      As for the neighbourhood you want, you have to pay attention to the lifestyle you have. If you’re a family man, West Kensington and Chiswick are some of the best neighbourhoods to live in. If you have a high budget or even a luxurious lifestyle, South Kensington and Knightsbridge are among the most popular neighborhoods for wealthier expats.

      If you like trendy and lively neighbourhoods, Notting Hill or Camden Town are the ones to choose without hesitation. Because indeed, the cradle of London’s underground culture, in Camden Town, you won’t find any big names. Nevertheless, you will be able to find for example small shops, casinos or if you prefer the virtual one, an online gaming site will do the trick. Finally, if you like peace and chill, Earl’s Court or Fulham are to be recommended to spend your life with tranquility.

      Trouver un travail à Londres

      Rumour has it that it’s as easy to find a job as it is to lose it! True or false? Only your motivation will allow you to answer this question. With an unemployment rate of 6.1%, strong disparities exist between 4 and 15% depending on the neighbourhood (that’s not nothing!). The average weekly salary is around £600 (and yes, in London salaries are very often paid every week).

      To find work, various sectors are recruiting such as: wholesale and retail trade, administration and health and social work. To round out your ends of the month, playing online in your spare time could help you with, for example, the platform Mega Moolah One, an online casino. For the language, if you have a basic level of English, you can find small jobs in tourism or catering (speaking another language can help you get a better job).

      You are finally informed about the most important elements to make your decision! For the rest, go to London several times as a tourist or else follow your instincts.

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