Moving on : why switch to vegetable oils with Mira Advice

      If you had to take only one cosmetic to a desert island, which product would you take? Adopted by the less adept of cosmetics, the moisturizing cream seems an obvious choice. Could vegetable oil dethrone this inevitable? Let us enlighten you on this new beauty trend.

      The little-known benefits of vegetable oils for the skin 

      Like a moisturizing cream, plant oils nourish and promote skin hydration by restoring the skin’s natural barrier. Draw? No because, thanks to their 100% natural composition, vegetable oils are better assimilated by the skin: fatty acids and vitamins thus penetrate the heart of the skin, for a tenfold efficiency.  Vegetable oils 1, moisturizing cream 0.

      Afraid that an oil will make your skin as shiny as your future? Don’t panic: use a dry oil such as jojoba oil, which penetrates the skin quickly. Dry feel and radiance guaranteed.

      Why choose a Mira oil ?  

      Mira is a young brand of vegetable oils that offers 100% natural products and values artisanal know-how while keeping very affordable prices. The result: pure and fair trade products that are good for our skin, the planet and our wallet.

      Their plus? Transparency: the Mira team is in close contact with carefully selected producers and makes sure that the oils are produced with respect for nature and people.

      Choosing the right Mira oil for your skin’s needs 

      While vegetable oils have many virtues, it is no less important to choose the oil that meets your needs. Follow our guide and find your favorite Mira oil.

      Jojoba oil : without fault guaranteed  

      Perplexed by the multitude of oils that exist ? Real liquid gold, Jojoba oil is suitable for all skin types. A sebum regulator, it nourishes the skin without leaving an oily film. Goodbye imperfections!  

      The Mira touch? The extraction technique – the artisanal cold pressing – carried out by Auguste, which preserves all the benefits of jojoba. Only 7,9€.

      Dry or dehydrated skin ? Hemp oil is your ally

      Hemp oil, the starting ingredient of the moment, will restore radiance and vitality to dry and dehydrated skin. All this in all legality of course: Mira hemp oil does not contain THC, only its smell and its benefits will make your head spin.

      Moringa oil: exotic and effective against skin disorders

      Irritated skin (psoriasis, eczema …) ? Coming from the « Miracle Tree » of the arid lands of Madagascar, Moringa oil cchases away skin disorders thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial virtues. Beware: the « Lord of the skin » is not at its first conquest!  

      Mira treatments, a concentrate of natural treasures 

      Looking for a complete treatment? Mira also offers treatments based on oils carefully selected for their complementary virtues. Without any chemical products, only 100% natural. And there’s something for everyone: for those who love to get rid of unwanted hair, the « God of Barbe » treatment will help your beard grow back. For those who no longer know which breast to devote themselves to in the face of the stigmas of passing time, the « Just for your breasts » treatment will bring firmness and hold to your breasts. And to definitively replace your chemical cream, use every morning  » Skin City  » serum to regain an incredibly soft skin, with the natural and sweet smell of wild lemon.

      Want to know more about Mira oils and their many virtues ? Find them on !

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