« Mira » of Chilla between fantasy and strangeness French Artist

      Chilla, the young rapper from Lyon is back at the beginning of the year with a new single « Mira » accompanied by a clip exploring the fantasy of revenge in love by staging a girl (Lou Luttiau seen recently in  » Mektoub my love « by Kechiche) trapping the boyfriend (Gary Neveux, co founder of the brand Walk In Paris) of his best friend (played by Chilla herself) during a party in the atmosphere Teen Horror Movie.

      As the obscure strangeness of the scenes seems to suggest that Mira is perhaps after all the nightmarish extension of the extramarital dream where revenge replaces infidelity for a foggy night…

      Chilla, like a snake at the search for warmth, nevertheless has enough coolness not to fall into the trap set by the human flame. Aube Perrie, the director of the clip was inspired by the latest successful Netflix series such as « The new adventures of Sabrina » or « Riverdale ». Check out her music video « Mira » below.

      Her single is available on all legals platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer…).

      Lire la version française

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