Milan Fashion Week Runway Essentials By Brigitte Evans

      Milan Fashion Week is host to some of the biggest names in the fashion industry as well as a lot of emerging brands – none of which have failed to inspire us to raid the stores once again. Here are some highlights from the runways which should actually be our wardrobe essentials this season.

      Statement Coats : All kinds of eye-catching outerwear ruled the runways this year in Milan. The designers seemed to favor long coats of all kinds of materials, choosing to make statement pieces out of them. One favorite was an almost floor-length, butter yellow leather coat from Bottega Veneta. This light piece with bold black details would look perfect paired with just about anything – making it an essential this season.

      Less is More : Monotones were in a very tight race with interesting colours and wild prints. Although it still isn’t sure who the definite winner is, one can’t deny the perfection and simplicity of a monochromatic outfit. Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani and Max Mara were just some of the names that mainly showed off monochromatic outfits – from yellow on yellow to all black everything. Do try this at home! If, however, you wish to make an outfit a little bit more casual, you could opt for a yellow sweater and a yellow skirt combined with black tights instead of yellow ones. Source

      The Dress : Milan fashion week runways have given us just too many amazing gowns and dresses to name. From the wildness of Versace to the romantic gowns of Luisa Beccaria, there was something for everyone. Unfortunately, most of us can’t have it all. You can, however, find more affordable versions of similar party and evening dresses online. If you find the right one, you are guaranteed to feel like a million bucks, no matter how much you actually paid for the outfit. Source

      Green Fashion : Given today’s (literal) climate, the fashion industry has received a wake-up call and is now on a mission to reduce its carbon footprint by finding more sustainable ways of producing garments. More and more talents are emerging with the goal of using organic or recycled materials to create their collections. Even if you can’t afford the outfits which were showcased during the fashion week, you can still be a part of the green movement. H&M and Zara, for example, are some of the more affordable brands that have also started using organic materials for certain pieces.

      Masculine/Feminine : This fashion week showcased looks which played around with the masculine and feminine. Some designers had both types of outfits within a collection, while others explored the look on a single outfit. For example, we could see feminine silhouettes and colours made out of more masculine fabrics. There were also outfits with sharp, graphic shapes which softened the whole look by embracing femininity through long, sensual necklines. You can do the same by finding a top that is revealing of your body, and combining it with some masculine trousers. Source

      Nudes : The nude trend never seems to go out of style, and it certainly made an appearance during this fashion week. Try to put together a completely nude outfit – from head to toe. If you prefer to mix it up a little bit, consider having at least one nude item, like cream coloured boots or a camel coat.

      Milan fashion week has brought us a lot of exciting looks this year. Some of the outfits were out of this world, while others were a little bit more attainable. Take note and give some of these essential looks a try in your own way.

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