Meeting with Robert Kerr, a tribute to elegance French brand

      Created in 2013 Thomas Drischel, Robert Kerr is a brand dedicated to luxury accessories, proving that luxury and elegance rhyme with authenticity, passion and tradition. Check out our interview below !

      KM: Can you tell us about yourself and Robert Kerr ?

      RK: Robert Kerr is above all a family story. That of my grandfather (Robert Kermabon) who, in the 1950s dreamed of launching his own house of exclusive accessories for men demanding in parallel to his tailoring job in London. Not having been able to accomplish his project at the time, this last transmitted me his love and his passion for the craft and the taste of the beautiful materials. To honor him, I officially created la Maison Robert Kerr and relaunched the story nearly sixty years later.

      KM: Can you describe the universe and style of Robert Kerr?

      RK: The Robert Kerr House offers classic and timeless creations. The main focus is on the quality of materials and craftsmanship. These are two fundamental criteria in the creation and development of our accessories. We continue the style of my grandfather through the cashmere prints and art-deco patterns he used to draw and work at the time.

      KM: Do you have any influences or inspirations before creating a new product or collection?

      RK: Our collections are essentially inspired by drawings, photos and other memorabilia that my grandfather left us. Archives that today are real treasures in terms of inspiration.

      KM: You are specialized in accessories, why have you made this choice? Why not ready-to-wear or shoes for example?

      RK: The accessory can bring a touch of elegance and a certain refinement. A beautiful silk stole or hat can embellish an outfit and perfect a look in a few moments. It’s an easy-to-use item that you can play with based on mood, time, or seasons.

      KM: What is the future for Robert Kerr ?

      RK: To perpetuate the heritage of my grandfather through timeless collections and promote the French artisanal know-how. Expand our offer with the project to offer gloves and umbrellas in the first half of 2018.

      KM: Do you have a last word for Kodd readers ?

      RK: My grandfather used to say, « I never have enough money to buy bad quality. » One way to say that it was better to invest in good clothes or good shoes leaves to put the price. A time when people used to repair and pay attention to things rather than throw them away to buy new ones.

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      Words registered by Angela Anz

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