Meeting with Nejide, the clothes to compose showroom French brand

      Want to free your wardrobe? Want creativity? Nejide is for you. This new online showroom offers a range of clothing to compose and personalize, to discover without now. Our interview with Nejide is below!

      KM: Can you tell us about yourself and NEJIDE?

      N: NEJIDE is born from a deep desire for independence and a desire to find my place. I am primarily an entrepreneur before being a designer. The idea of the dresses has its origin at the wedding of my sister when I found that I never found the dress that I liked, there was always a detail that made me crumpled and I would have liked to find a brand that I would have allowed to have exactly the dress that I was looking for.

      KM: Can you describe the universe and style of NEJIDE?

      N: NEJIDE celebrates above all the freedom and daring of women (and men too if they want it!). Free to be oneself, to choose what one wants for oneself and daring to assert one’s choices. Clothes are the first medium to exercise this freedom and audacity, even before meeting and talking to each other. NEJIDE offers a very feminine range, which sublimates the silhouettes of women.

      KM: Do you have any influences or inspirations before creating a new product or collection? (if so, which one)

      N: I am extremely inspired by Malhia Kent and all their range of woven jacquards. It is a magnificent French brand, with a rich and shimmering universe. Several models of our collection take their jacquards, and I often bring home scraps of fabrics to work on new collections, or to make the decor at home.

      KM: You are specialized in the personalization of dresses, why did you make this choice?

      N: The dress is the feminine garment par excellence, and I wanted to address women first. It’s a magical garment to work, and I can not work without passion. It is naturally that I wished to revisit this garment. The customization was for me an obvious, because I wanted to give freedom to the consumers, and let them appropriate their wardrobe.

      KM: What is the future for NEJIDE ?

      N: The development of new ranges, with even more personalization. I would like to offer other clothing to personalize, like the suits, another piece that I love. I would also like to develop a range of customizable fashion accessories.

      KM: Do you have a last word for Kodd readers ?

      N: Only you know what is good for you, trust yourself!

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      Words registered by Angela Anz

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