Meeting with Midgard, elegance and spirituality French brand

      Midgard Paris magnifies the beauty of the spirit while preserving everyone’s well-being. The brand offers us a lifestyle that combines elegance with spirituality. It is in this spirit that the brand offers symbolic jewelry with avant-garde design. Our interview with Midgard is below!

      KM: Can you tell us about yourself and Midgard Paris ?

      M: « Mid » means inside and « Gard » is protection. Midgard Paris magnifies the beauty of the spirit while preserving the well-being of everyone. I invite you to discover a new universe, that of a jewel that wants to be more than just a luxury item, a jewel that is the link between ornament and lifestyle. By founding Midgard Paris, I realize my dream: to create my own models by imbuing them with my aesthetic and ethical values. My first artistic essays were made in the artisanal workshop of Maison Martin Margiela, called « Zero Line ». By diverting everyday objects, I created my first jewels that found their place in private collections in Paris.

      KM: Can you discribe the style and the universe of Midgard Paris ?

      M: Midgard Paris offers a concept: a lifestyle that combines elegance with spirituality. It is in this spirit that the brand offers symbolic jewelry with avant-garde design.

      KM: Do you have any influences or inspirations before creating a new product or collection ?

      M: Working 7 years for Sonia Rykiel and 7 years for Maison Martin Margiela, I was able to immerse myself in the world of fashion and sharpen my artistic sensibility. These two places « Black House » and « White House », by irony of Destiny, helped to build the identity of Midgard Paris. The aesthetics of my jewelry draws its sources in the living forms of Nature, in Parisian architecture and in perfect geometry (golden number).

      KM: You are specialized in jewelry, why did you make this choice? Why not accessories or ready-to-wear, for example?

      M: One day, I will have a clear and sharp message to express myself through a garment. In the meantime, I turned to something that is much more natural and obvious to my personality. I am fascinated by minerals and I trained in lithotherapy. For me it is obvious that stones are able to « speak ». I discovered this when I was a child; as the cold of autumn caught me, I was attracted by a light gray pebble that I grabbed between my hands and suddenly, a feeling of warmth enveloped me. I am also fascinated by the ancestral technique called lost wax casting. The basis of Midgard Paris jewelry is copper, known for its therapeutic virtues. Each jewel is then caught and polished manually; then is finely silvered or golden. By manufacturing its jewelery in artisan workshops, Midgard Paris supports ancestral know-how of jewelery, transmitted from generation to generation.

      KM: What is the future for Midgard Paris ?

      M: After launching the line of women’s jewelry, I intend to invest in the male jewel that is still an unexplored niche. It will be something resolutely masculine and very modern. Scientific research aimed at creating a fabric with integrated minerals is focused primarily on the needs of the aerospace industry currently. But the state of collective consciousness evolves very quickly and I feel a real need to launch this kind of technology on a large scale by empowering the creators of clothing vis-à-vis the material they use and vis-à-vis the people to who they are addressing. Consumer habits also evaluate. The seasonal and wasteful approach (a designer clothing ends too often in luxury sale depots) becomes the past. The future will belong to a respectful and responsible person. This choice will be in favor of a durable, qualitative and ethical garment (which is absolutely not obliged to be ugly!). That’s why, in the not-too-distant future, I plan to launch my women’s clothing line, and then, man.

      KM: Do you have one last word for Kodd readers? ?

      M: If you like natural stones and feel that they are able to positively impact your physical and emotional state, you are not alone. Midgard Paris can also make a unique jewelery, designed for you and bearing your stone. The design and the stone can be chosen according to your unique and very beautiful personality.

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      Words registered by Angela Anz

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