Meeting with Courtisan Couture, the exotic leather goods French brand

      We met Benjamin, a young french man from several cultures, and creator of Courtisan Couture. Discover below our interview with the brand leather goods specializing in exotic leather!

      KM: Can you tell us about yourself and Courtisan Couture?

      CC: I’m a young French 29 year old, of Iranian father and French mother, raised in France, who is deeply attached to the French culture.
      Since I was young, I was attracted by entrepreneurship and the desire to create. The creation of my own business has always been obvious to me. So after studying economics and management in Rennes, and several trips to Latin America, I finally decided to enter the world of business.
      The idea of ​​creating my own brand of leatherwork appeared to me during my last trip to Mexico in 2014. During my stay, I became aware of the existence of leather goods made of exotic skin (crocodile, and other reptiles) which is a specialty of northern Mexico. I begin to be interested in this craft and decide to see what is done in France. However, I soon realized that there was a very big difference in price. Indeed, in Mexico we find articles accessible to all but of rather poor quality, while in France, these items are reserved for a very affluent clientele, who can afford to acquire pieces with impeccable finish.
      After a thorough study of the market, I quickly realized that there was an opportunity to create my own brand of leather that combines impeccable finish and mastered price.

      KM: Can you describe the universe and the style of Courtisan Couture?

      CC: Courtisan Couture clearly wants to represent the image of good French taste, elegance, our traditional values linked to the savoir-vivre and the precision of the gestures that distinguish experts from novices. This strong and solid image is complemented by a touch of exoticism (related to the leather used), which illustrates my own miscegenation.
      Courtisan Couture wants to convey the image of a modern brand that lives with its time, and is aware that all cultures are beautiful and rich.

      KM: Do you have any influences or inspirations before creating a new product or collection ?

      CC: Although we are a young brand, our first models are largely inspired by the past and more precisely a French bag model of the 50s. We have combined this vintage effect with the exoticism of our leathers.
      In general, our inspirations are French culture, French landscapes, Paris, Parisian architecture, European classical painting. All these aspects are noted in our way of communicating on Instagram for example.

      KM: You are specialized in exotic leather accessories, why have you made this choice? Why not clothing or shoes for example?

      CC: Indeed, all to begin with the discovery of exotic leather in Mexico, so it made sense for me to follow in this path. In addition, I have always appreciated leather accessories for men, such as wallets. Although shoes have an appeal, they too; it is a very different job requiring craftsmen specializing in footwear. In a budget concern, I could not disperse.
      The advantage of accessories is that we can let our creativity express itself in terms of colors, shapes and patterns etc. It is always nice to see a woman sublimate her outfit with one of our accessories.

      KM: What is the future of the story for Courtisan Couture ?

      CC: We are now at a stage where we are looking to expand abroad, especially in the Middle East, where customers are very sensitive to high quality items, and enjoy French culture.
      We have recently established a partnership with Arabianporter, a luxury goods platform based in Qatar. We wish to continue and continue in this track.
      Similarly, the creation of new models is under study. Other types of exotic leather may be considered, such as ostrich leather or water snake.

      KM: Do you have one last word for Kodd readers?

      CC: We hope that Kodd readers will be sensitive to our concept and will recognize themselves in our values. In addition, being a young brand, we appreciate the opportunity to talk about us and show our work to fashion enthusiasts like your readers. We are here to bring a new look to fashion and change with the way of communicating that some major luxury brands, which is often too austere.

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      Words registered by Angela Anz

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