Maratown French Craftsmen

      Maratown is a revolution in term of comfort for your feet. And all this in shoes with a design that allows you wear them easily throughout the day, whatever your activity is.

      Maratown’s team was inspired by the maximalist and cushioned shoes of marathon and joined podiatrists to create the sole of the shoes. In 2015, his founder Fabien ROSIER even run a half marathon in 1h48mn while wearing the Maratown shoes. The sole was developed to give you the impression of walking on clouds. And according to the customer testimonials, it is a success.

      Maratown shoes are hand-made in Portugal, in the respect of the European standards of safety and working conditions. The materials used are from high quality, just as the natural soft leathers. The models of shoes are varied and can very easily fit in a professional frame. They would suit perfectly to somebody who needs to make numerous travels throughout his day for his job by exemple.

      We’ve tried them at Kodd, to be able to give you our own opinion:
      At first sight the pair which we received is simple and minimalist, everybody can wear it. Moreover, the pair is unisex. When you wear them the shoes are really pleasant, when walking we really had this impression walking on clouds (without any exaggerations), going up and down staircases feels also really less exhausting. We can adapt really easily to the shoes and we can say that they completely take up the foot. We wore to them for 10 days from 8 am till 7 pm and we recommend them strongly !

      Maratown launched  a kickstarter project to be able to propose new models for sale, but you can also supporting them by pre-ordering the new models on their website. In any case, at Kodd, we approve and we recommend !

      Matthieu DONKENG ALIMETA
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