Malengi’s Jewelry Congolese Brand

      In 2015, it was in the Democratic Republic of Congo that the young jewelry brand Malengi’s Jewelry was born …

      It is a magnificent journey around the globe that takes us to the designer Christelle PEMBELE M. who imagines, designs and creates the brand leaving from Kinshasa, passing through Hong Kong, Shanghai, and so many other cities where artisans give life to these pieces, personalize them and carry Malengi’s jewelry to new horizons. In order to satisfy its customers without which it can not exist, the brand offers three completely different ranges, including: CLASSICA: which offers conventional, fine and discreet pieces worked with noble materials such as gold, silver, crystal And the zircon. The GIRLY: which brings out the gaiety by its colored pieces and its geometrical forms; And ETHNICA: which highlights the characteristic features of African authenticity by its contemporary designs and materials used such as wood, malachite, leather and wax fabric.

      Thus, according to the tradition that says « one is not born beautiful, one becomes one » and by associating with the traditional art of the Empires and Kingdoms that knew the DR Congo, the designer wanted to pay tribute to the woman African and particularly Congolese, launching his first personal collection called Imperial. Through its designs, the collection evokes virtuosity and symbolizes the strength, power, and woman beauty.

      It is a nod to this extraordinary art of the past and translates it into a contemporary style through the Ethnica range Malengi’s Jewelry brand.

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