Maggie Rogers, a rising star American Artist

      At only 23 years old, Maggie Rogers already has everything of an icon. She was discovered by Capitol Records after singing her single « Alaska » in front of  Pharrell Williams  in a master class at New York University.

      The young woman released her first album « Heard it in a past life » which you must have already heard the title « Give a little ». On this occasion we spoke with Maggie. Her interview is to discover below.

      KODD MAGAZINE: Who is Maggie Rogers ?

      MAGGIE ROGERS: I’m from Maryland, I am musician, producer and song writer and I love making music.

      KM: And what about Maggie Rogers the artist ? Tell me more about you as an artist and your career ?

      MR: I actually would say that Maggie Rogers the artist its me, I think that my music reflects what I am, my life… So i started writing songs when I was 12/13 years old and started producing music when I was in high-school and then I started studying music, producing and engineering and my last year of college a video of me and Pharrell Williams became viral on the internet so I signed at Capitol Records. After this I toured the world and took a little time off to figure it out what I really wanted to say after this big transition in my life and made this record.

      KM: How did you started with Capitol ? 

      MR: This video of Pharrell Williams and me was on the internet and they saw it so then I met everyone, I loved the people that worked there and the history of the label and more specially the contract that was signing.

      KM:  Your first album will be out for next January 18th. How he was created ?

      MR: I started writing in November and I met a lot of people from de label and I lived in New York for five years when I started toured and I moved back in my child home where I grew up at two hours of Washington DC then I started writing songs on my computer in my bedroom, to make this record I had to come back where everything begin. And then I made couple trips to LA and I realized that I really wanna learn more !

      KM: There is any difference between your Ep « Now that the light is fading » your first album ?

      MR: Yeah there are a big difference, I think the biggest thing is that I am adding more real instruments, my Ep was more electronic and inspired by dance music, it was more an experiment. I think I’m juste more confident on it, I finally feel like I find the way to make more creatives stuffs.

      KM: Can you explain the transition or history behind both projects ?

      MR: Yeah an album is a record of the time, so the Ep covered my last months of college when I was ending one period of my life, saying bye to a lot of people. And the record is very much about the beginning of my career and this giant change.

      KM: Few words concerning the singles « Falling water », « Give a little » and « Light on » ?

      MR: They all tells the biggest story about what happened to me, how I was feeling. 

      KM: Can you tell me more about each music video history ?

      MR: «Give A Little » was so extreme intense, I had fun, my friends was involved, I really missed my friend so we spent the day in LA making video, It was really inspired by the skate culture that I love so much, so many images are so powerful. There are no a lot of female representations so it was important to me to recreate some of those images with women because there are so many strong female skateboarders. And for « Light on » I made it with a friend who’s a very talented photographer, behind her lence I feel permission to be very vulnerable. So we made this trip in Oregon to make images. It’s about finding yourself.

      KM: What are your musical influences ?

      MR: I use to love different kind of music, I love Yorke, David Burn, Patti Smith, Stevie Nicks, Kate Bush, I also love classic new soul.

      KM: And the next step ? 

      MR: I think I juste gonna be on tour for the next two years, it’s really exiting !

      KM: Any last word ? 

      MR: You know all the stuff I do I really care about it, songs, videos, production, everything is very important to me.

      Find her album on January 18, 2019 on all legal platforms (Apple MusicSpotify, Amazon…).

      Interviewed by Angela Anz

      Lire la version française

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