Madagas’Care Cosmetics, a range of natural care products Made in France

      High-quality care. Rich and creamy textures. Smells that take you on the red island … Welcome to the Madagas’Care Cosmetics universe.

      Discovered recently, Madagas’Care Cosmetics is a range of natural care for the face and body in large and small sizes, manufactured in a French laboratory, based on vegetable active ingredients exclusively from the island of Madagascar. A modern range inspired by Malagasy traditions, adapted to today’s women, chic adventurers looking for escape who love to take care of themselves and the planet in a responsible way.

      Safe formulas, without endocrine disruptors, or parabens … Fondant textures, rich and thirst quenching. Odors that transport you and make you dream. Madagas’Care is a brand respectful of nature, committed to the reforestation and economic development of the island.

      Madagas’Care is above all a set of formulas and developed products to respect the Skin and the Environment: Natural ingredients, respect of the Ecocert charter, recyclable and recycled packaging, vegetable ink, solvent-free glue, reusable packaging … « By creating Madagas’Care, i want to give sense to cosmetics with an authentic range, carrying strong values, benefactors for us women, for my island and the Planet! » Says Sandrine, the founder.

      Get involved with Madagas’Care Cosmetics by planting 1 tree with each product purchased. Madagas’Care Cosmetics is a brand to test absolutely!

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