M.I.L.K is back with Slow Emotions Danish Singer

      M.I.L.K., the little prodigy of Copenhagen, breaks new ground with the single « Slow Emotions ».

      With +700.000 streams, this track announces a new step in the musical dimension of the artist, as well as a new EP to come. If M.I.L.K. has accustomed us to travel in songs since his 1st EP, he does not intend to stop with the second one. This time the starting point will be the city of love, the city of lights: Paris. It is in this city that inspires and fascinates him, that he unveils a clip in a setting of dreams, living pictures and sublime landscapes, while keeping this touch both modern and summery.

      You will live real minutes experiences of happiness captured in slow motion to watch right now below.

      Lire la version française

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