LavyzOë Giveaway for Kodd's 3 years birthday

      LavyzOë Giveaway for Kodd's 3 years birthday

      We also decided to make you discover the cosmetic brand Lavyzoë Paris. It is floral and natural products. Lavyzoe pay attention on the selection of its ingredients alongside small growers prioritising cooperative run by women around the mediterranean countries.

      The pure essential rose oil comes from Damas, and is the main ingredient on the Serum No.1 « Renaissance », product you can try to win this weak ! Made in France, the Lavyzoe beauty essentials are preserved from light in a recyclable glass container. Roses are very used in cosmetics nowadays and has become the star of the beauty scene. After been used for perfumes it is in beauty products that it is more popular now. And it has many benefits.

      Rose limit sebum excesses thanks to its astringent properties. Antiseptic, antibacterial, and with a healing effect, rose treats little rednesses and limit the apparition of pimples. Its regenerating and reviving benefit give life and light to every skin ! The pure argan oil is the nourishing and softening base  of the serum. It clears and purifies the skin, and helps get rid of pimples. As a real well-being source, this LavyzOë serum collect everything precious that Moroccan soil has for very delicate skin care products. Its subtle flower perfume makes us travel all the way to the desert. It will please every skin !

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      Margot Viel

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