#Koddfocus: Johanna Braitbart French Designer

      johanna braitbart

      johanna braitbart

      Its Story

      Johanna Braitbart, having been immersed in art and creativity, integrates naturally a school of graphic arts: Atelier Met de Penninghen. She then turned to the middle of fashion which, for her, is a good medium of expression, and enters as a student at Studio Berçot then at the School Lesage. It is in Paris, in the Marais district, at 26 rue des Blancs-Manteaux, that she decides to install « La Maison Johanna Braitbart » where she now presents her collections of hand-embroidered pieces.

      Its universe

      Johanna is refinement and femininity: unique pieces with vintage influences that embellish the important moments of the life of women today and which will accompany them tomorrow thanks to their timelessness. There is in her work an almost phantasmagoric span, like a little girl’s dream that comes to life in the silk, feathers, pearls and lace. As the detail matters more to her, she likes that her jewelery to be « pretty … especially in close »


      Its values

      Johanna Braitbart, even if she does not fit in any box, strives to remain herself. She works a piece like « we create a painting », in a traditional way and attaches importance to technique and savoir-faire. Also, she thinks that beyond a jewel, a creation is also an experience that she shares with each of her clients.

      Its desires

      She would like to develop more collaborations because the encounter between two universes inspires her and allows her to leave her comfort zone. She likes the idea of creating a common story.

      Its message to future fashion designers

      When asked what makes it possible to cross the difficulties, and since 1999, she has known more than one, she answers « to believe, to hang on, to trust his good star and to surround himself well ».

      Its world in pictures

      Maison Johanna Braitbart
      26, rue des Blancs Manteaux
      75004 Paris

      By Elodie YVARS
      Photos by Iannis G, les mains baladeuses, Marc Martinon et Braheem Kane

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