Divabrow Parisian Tattoo Brow Artist

      Divabrow is an innovative concept of the new generation of semi-permanent make-up. It is specialized in the restructuration of brows using an exclusive method : the micro-pigmentation HD », which is their signature, creating then custom-made brows.

      Each session gives more relief to the brow thanks to manual and digital pigmentation techniques. The goal is to have a beautiful harmony by thinking about the best symmetry of lines in order to sublimate the natural beauty of your face. The pigmentation last between 8 and 15 months, that depend on your skin type. The provided service is qualitative, in a intimate atmosphere of an apartment situated in the centre of Paris, which gives the ideal environment to receive attention during the appointment. Divabrow also offers its services abroad. Exclusive services can be done at home to satisfied VIP’s demand in France and overseas. While according a total confidentiality, Divabrow is adjusting to the customer’s needs and their time constraints.

      Patricia is the artistic director of the concept. She is a specialist of the restructuration et design of eyebrows. Vous can trust her because she is a perfectionist and very passionate about what she’s doing. She started with the art of tattoo in Asia, where she stayed 3 months to learn basic techniques. Then, she traveled accros the world, from Russia to Europe, and the United-States to master every methods  of manual and digit Micropigmentation. The real talent of Patricia is an innate and infallible sense as she recreate harmony by rebalancing eyebrows symmetry.

      With trust and conviction, Patricia brings a strong identity to her work, a new point of view and a new standard to the semi-permanent make-up. She invented the concept of « no-tattoo tattoo » to sublimated the natural beauty of your look. Her make-up is  easily recognizable by the discret and the natural of her cuves’s work. She is thinking about the shape that would fit you the most.

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      Margot Viel

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