SoundGrabber is a new Parisian music app that’s social, local and 100% free ! If you’re more into house, hip-hop, techno, or jazz, it’s never been so easy to share your best musical discoveries with others. The only thing you need to do is to listen to music on your smartphone’s mp3 player or on streaming apps, then SoundGrabber will broadcast it around you!

The whole point of SoundGrabber is to share music between users and to discover new artists near you. You can also chat with people and even meet up with them. The app is geotagged so while you travel through Paris tunes placed by artists and influencers will appear on your phone (Cracki Records, Weather Festival, La Chinerie, Rex Club …).

But how does it work you say? The app is easy to use: after having downloaded it on your iPhone or Android you will receive virtual music from around you. Just like Tinder, if you don’t like the song swipe it away. However if you like the tune add  it to your GrabList! Look around you and see if it’s the pretty girl sitting in the café near you who’s sending you the music, or if it’s an artist who’s placed his virtual music. SoundGrabber values daily random encounters in the street, at work or in the library for instance. If a song or a profil catches your eye you can start a conversation on GrabChat! Who knows where it might go!

More than just sharing music between users, SoundGrabber allows users to discover emerging artists, music labels and concert halls everywhere in Paris. During your commuting time you can explore musical maps created by artists and curators on the app. The musics are broadcasted via streaming apps like Spotify, Deezer, or Soundcloud. You may even become a curator and create your own muscial map. SoundGrabber is a start-up made up of passionate people, they are always looking for new artists, bloggers and influencers to become part of the adventure.

Emma Neill.

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