Nicolas Vidal’s The serene nights French Artist


Songwriter with delicate nonchalance, Nicolas Vidal writes songs with a light and melancholic atmosphere.

Describing himself as a pop singer, this ex-fan of the eighties sings in French on melodies inspired by glam England and the French synthpop. « Serene Nights do not exist » is the title of her second album, which follows « Des ecchymoses » (LP / 2011) and « Teenager » (EP / 2015), and which gently prolongs the adolescent reveries of her universe between candy pink and hybrid blackness.

Played, recorded, and arranged with four hands with Thierry Guarracino, his new album « The serene nights do not exist » reconciles a certain melancholic sophistication with a French pop variety. Serene nights may not exist, but those of Nicolas Vidal, peopled with glamorous reveries and dreams, amorous breaks and desires of youth, give a great desire to listen to these inavouables pop confessions.

Sleep down to Nicolas Vidal now !

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