“Informel”, Woodi Gangst’s new EP French artist


“Going back to the hip-hop roots breaking the codes”, that is the mission that Woodi Gangst with his EP “Informel”. There are 8 titles with strong identity where beliefs, money and family relationships are talked about.

On a federating chorus, “Je n’abandonnerai jamais”, he injects a hopeful message to everyone who struggle on the daily. He goes directly to the essential, without distraction, Woodi Gangst maintain the auditory with his vigorous energy  on a fast flow tone.

Musically rich, Woodi creates the surprise borrowing  new paths where he excels. The various titles  are coexisting between hardcore rap, a groovy atmosphere, which offers a generous soundtrack. There is a true alchemy in his music and he transports his audience in a efficient sound experience.

Listen to “Je n’abandonnerai jamais” above

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Margot Viel

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