0 Glacière, 720 euros.

Founded under Louis XV , the House Fauré Le Page was shown from the outset as kings and princes’s arquebusier. Seven generations of the same family have succeeded in forging a detonating legend.

Those craftsmen , created exceptional pieces for major courts of Europe. The Louis XVI’s shotguns, Bonaparte’s vermeil sword, are all masterpieces that are the pride of the great museums. Fauré Le Page’s family commit herself in the history of France by arming the revolutionaries of 1789 and 1830. Balzac, Dumas, Chateaubriand, Pushkin and countless authors celebrated this House in their most famous novels. Today, the leather goods’s collection with scales patterns bears the mark of its glorious past and its eternal modernity.

A campaign to defend the fundamental values ​​of French taste: an always fresh Champagne and well struck rosé, with those three essential accessories. At the beach or in the Mountain, the cooler Fauré Le Page preserve ammunition and supplies for a successful picnic. A dinner in town , a sunset on the Pont des Arts or a bicycle getaway, protected and always fresh, the bottles carrier Fauré Le Page distinguishes the good manners of a perfect gentleman. Fauré Le Page’s saggy distills its precious beverage discreetly. Available since April. at Fauré Le Page, 21 rue Cambon , 75001 Paris.

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