Crab & courgette cannelloni by Cookin’Movie


This week Cécile from Cookin’Movie food blog suggests we try out a new and very original recipe: crab & courgette cannelloni. This quick recipe that doesn’t need cooking is light and very refreshing for summer days! As usual check out her story and her video that will help you make this delicious dish (click on play)!

Her story

And here’s another food battle! This one was inspired by Jenna from Bistrot de Jenna blog. Every first Wednesday of the month she gathers bloggers and non-bloggers around one theme. The sponsor organises the battle and chooses his successor. This months theme is “Seafood” with mandatory olive oil usage. Personally I decided to use crab because I simply love it and I wanted to test a refreshing recipe for summer. Tadaaa… I present to you something very new to me: courgette cannelloni. In the end it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, it was my first time using this technique and I did a good job On the plus side, it’s very quick and doesn’t need cooking! I really wanted to change and create something new, hope you like it!

Difficulty: Medium
Preparation: 15 minutes
Cooking: 0 minute

• 1 courgette
• 300 g crabmeat
• 1 green apple
• 1 lime
• Some dill
• 1 egg
• 30 cl olive oil
• 1 table spoon of mustard
• salt, pepper


Prepare the mayonnaise by beating the whole egg (yes that’s how I do it!), olive oil, mustard, salt and pepper. Set aside. Dice half the apple and cut the other half into sticks and set aside by squirting with lime juice. Chop the dill. Mix the mayonnaise, crab, apple and dill in a bowl. Chop the courgette into thin slices just like in the video (use a peeler or a mandolin). Spread the courgette slices on a plastic film and spread the crabmeat on the courgette (see video). Roll the cannelloni and cut the sides. Baste with some olive oil. Decorate with apple sticks, some dill and drops of mayonnaise.

Bon appétit!

Emma Neill.

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