“Bruissements Alentour”, une exposition d’ORIÉ INOUÉ Japanese artist


Orié Inoué‘s works of art exposed at the Gratadou Intuiti Galery are just like a dream. They are draws, herbariums, plants, insects, bestiary of a surrealist tale.

The heightened sensibility of the artist is shown with a delicate sense of observation and a respectful approach of the universe. Vegetal is symbolically represented in a way that her works present strange animals, that seem to have supernatural powers.

The result is fabulous creatures, who, by their smallest details, illustrate the strength of an enigmatic nature that can sometimes be frightening. That is on those details that the artist wants us to think about.

Last days to see the exhibition, at the Gratadou Intuiti Galery, 16, rue des Coutures Saint Gervais 75003 Paris

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Margot Viel

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